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Barbour Steve McQueen


The Barbour Steve McQueen collection was launched in 2012 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Babrour’s motorcycle clothing range, International. The range pays tribute to Actor Steve McQueen. Aside from acting, Steve McQueen was well known for being somewhat of an adrenaline junky with a passion for motorcycles, something which he showed off in the chase scenes of film ‘The Great Escape’. Off scene, he was heavily involved in off-road motorcycle racing along with other motor sports. Steve McQueen was famously seen wearing Barbour jackets on a number of occasions. It seems that this was a collaboration just waiting to happen. Gary Burnand of Barbour says “We are delighted to be launching the Barbour Steve McQueen collection and to reunite two old friends”. The Barbour Steve McQueen Clothing collection is made up of a number of classic hard-wearing jackets, chunky knits, casual shirts with lots of check and a handful of t-shirts using photography of the man himself and his motorcycles. Earthy tones, blacks, greens and blues tend to be a running theme throughout Barbour Steve McQueen clothing which perfectly captures McQueen’s own personal style. Infinities are so privileged to offer this amazing collaboration between such an honest British brand and the legend which is Mr Steve McQueen. 


Barbour Steve McQueen
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